Week 4

This week we worked on redefining the project so we could properly adjust it to our other courses’ requirements, there will be three teams working on it. Since we initially planned to focus on the mobile functionality of the project but switched to web, we had to redefine everything related to software quality and testing, we did some research and decided to use Jest to test our client.

We focused on learning the basics of Go, we had used it before but not enough to build an API. Personally, I enjoyed working with this language and would love to get involved in the making of the backend, even though I’m in change of the frontend.

We also learned how to use Leaflet, which is the library we are going to use for the interactive maps in addition to Open Street Maps. I think that is all we need to develop the project and that is what we are going to do the following weeks.


Photo by  Bethany Legg



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